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Sheila Brooks

Instructor, Sugar Artist and

Owner of Cake Craft Shoppe

Sheila took her first Wilton Class almost 16 years ago and became hooked on cake decorating. After the Wilton 1, 2, and 3 courses, she still wanted more. By this time she had also begun buying books on Cake Decorating and was intrigued by what she saw, furthering her desire to learn more.

She found a lady by the name of  Giesela Robinson who taught fondant and gum paste classes from her home. Sheila signed up for every class she offered and through her found Frost-A-Tiers, the local Cake Club, and also the international organization of cake decorators, ICES.

At Sheila's first cake decorators convention (the first Kansas City show), she met a lady from England, Pat Trunkfield. At this convention, the idea to open an import store began to take shape and the name was chosen. Pat and Sheila found themselves together quite a bit that year and in subsequent years sought each other out. Sheila discovered that Pat was a freelance instructor and demonstrator. The third year at convention, Sheila asked if Pat would consider coming and teaching classes here if she organized them. Pat agreed and began coming over and teaching. On one of her trips, she approached Sheila on behalf of some of the English manufacturers about beginning an import business. They were looking for a distributor who knew how to use their products. About six months later, on February 1, 2000, Cake Craft Shoppe was launched as an internet business. The store front was opened almost three years ago on March 15, 2003.

Sheila now devotes her time to running her store, teaching classes at home and abroad, and  making road trips with her merchandise as a vendor at the ICES conventions and Oklahoma State Sugar Art Shows. She also supports many Cake Club and ICES Days-of-Sharing as well as other cake shows.

Orchid Cake designed and created by Sheila Brooks.

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