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April Farnum
Sugar Artist

Cake Craft Shoppe is proud to spotlight the very talented up and coming sugar artist April Farnum!

April started decorating in 2003. Like so many, April's road to decorating began with her baby's first birthday cake. This cake grew into a love of decorating, not only cakes but cookies and gumpaste flowers as well. 

April has had the opportunity to train with such sugar artists as Sheila Brooks, Nicholas Lodge and Earlene Moore. She enjoys using different mediums and techniques and is always looking for opportunities to push the limits of sugar. This desire has led to awards including the Beginner Best of Division win at the 2007 Capital Confectioner's Sugar Art Show.

April enjoys sharing her love of decorating, not only by making treats for family and friends, but by showing others how to create treats of their own.

Below you will find a selection of April's fabulous creations for your viewing enjoyment!

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